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Do you know that the Maternal great grandfather of Alexander Sergueï Pouchkine, the Russian poet and novelist, was an Ethiopian named Ibrahim and who was a Brother in arms of Peter the Great? Or that Alexander Dumas’s grandmother was a black slave from St Domingue?

Two famous writers whose African origins were, perhaps, unknown to you. Two examples from dozens of others which go to prove that there are many illustrious and noble people who live outside of Africa, but who can claim African origins, of which they can be proud and it is from this point of view that we have created this notion of of «Offshoot Africans» people who can find pleasure in claiming their share of their African héritage.

Maybe one will say, but what about all those peoples of African origin who were herded as slaves across to America, the West Indies, Haiti or Martinique, forced to leave the continent of their birth and against their will?

During the 1930’s, West Indian students contested the paternalistic attitude of Europeans, encouraged by their brothers and sisters from Haiti and the States.

In this same mood, illustrious people like Aimé Césaire from Martinique or Senghor from Senegal signed the manifesto of black students

In this same fashion the barriers of ancient tribal rites and arrogant dictators are being beaten into place by idealistic and uncorrupt démocraties, inspired by new thinkers such as Burgharht du Bois, doctor of the German University of Heidelberg, the initiator of « panafricanisme » and George Padmore, a from the British West Indies and who was a theoretician.

And so, our category of Offshoot Africans is to welcome this wonderful band of people who are waking up to their African roots and helping inspire and guide our continent on its way.

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