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African Success: people changing the face of Africa is a web site aimed at changing the way the world looks at Africa.

African Success is a database of successful African personalities, it is interactive and allows anyone to add to and improve or put up new biographies or modify biographies already on line. Journalists and professionals why not use African Success as your source for information, put up information or complete biographies, add new ones, use African Success 

The site adresses itself to the world and wants to show a new face to Africa, it is not limited by race, religion or colour and is open to all those of African origin or who are working to achieve something in Africa. Non Africans who are achieving something for the good of Africa have a special section "Honorary Africans".

We want to show visitors to the site, the achievements of Africans, to inspire and encourage young Africans across the world to realise that great lawyers, scientists, bankers, journalists, artists, writers, in fact Africans from all walks of life have come out of the poorest conditions to achieve Universal success and recogition. The personalities featured is not a limitative list, they need to have achieved international recognition, they can be dead or alive and visitors should feel free to put up onto the site anyone whose achievements they admire or feel worthy of a place on the site.

We want to inspire the young, give hope and ambition to Africans and change the way the world sees Africa. Our aim is to create a website that will inspire a continent.

If we can show the world where Africans are successful, we can change the way in which Africa is perceived.

It is an interactive community website, which encourages the people to add the names and biographies of people that they know and consider worthy of being included. The site is free access and it is free to add names, biographies and other historical information.

We are still building the website, and we welcome contributions to add to our growing data base.

We hope that people from all countries and all walks of life are going to put up the biographies of people they feel proud of ...[people who can become] the role models for today's children and tomorrows leaders.

« The more I advance with age, the less I accept this representation of Africa as a victim, land of the hungry and thirsty, object of compassion, where only the children draw pity whilst the adults are held to be responsible for their suffering.

Of course, there is suffering in Africa, it is not to be denied. However if this continent has its lot of misery and drama, it is also incredibly diverse. Full of exceptional successes, great human wealth, amazing natural resources, a fantastic and spectacular economy, towns with rapid growth, investments from all over the world, all of that but first in the context of contemporary Africa. One would never imagine representing Asia with the traits of a poor child, dehydrated and relieving her thirst by drinking from a dirty bottle top from a helper. And yet, the greatest number of cases of malnutrition are found on the Asian continent. It is that Asia has managed to show off the value of its diversity and success.

In the contemporary league of work, one must avoid at all cost, within the context of the global workplace, the least flattering role of last in the class, of the eternally assisted, of the congenital beggar. Of course, one must continue to aid certain African countries, continue the efforts to help their development and, in the face of certain war zones, compassion is still necessary. How I should like that this continent which has given the world its music and spread its peoples and which has given America its new president  should not be the victim of the sympathy we have for it.»

Jean-Christophe Ruffin - ex French Ambassador


1) Barack Obama , current Président of the United-States of America.

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