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Biography of Aynaw YITYISH TITI

Ethiopia > Fashion : Aynaw YITYISH TITI

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Biography :

Yityish Titi Aynaw (born 1992) is an Israeli of Ethiopian origin beauty queen who became the first from the Ethiopian Israeli immigrant minority to be crowned Miss Israel 2013.Aynaw is also the first black Miss Israel winner.Her mother had just died, leaving her an orphan - her father had died years earlier. So her mother's parents, who were among thousands of Ethiopian Jews already living in Israel, arrived in Addis Ababa to fetch Yityish and her older brother.

Yityish Titi Aynaw was in March 2013 invited by the US president Barack Obama and the White House administration to attend a gala with Shimon Peres and Obama as he appreciated Israel crowning a black woman as Miss Israel and Aynaw having Obama as her "role model". Aynaw resides in Netanya, Israel.
Aynaw will represent Israel in Miss World 2013.

In their new home, they had to learn Hebrew from scratch.

Aynaw is the first Ethiopian to win the pageant. She made a significant impression on judges (and the world, obviously) when she told them she should win because it was time for a black woman to hold the title.
Her crowning in February came amidst ongoing protests of discrimination against Israel's Ethiopian community. Israeli officials are investigating allegations that Ethiopian women were given contraceptive shots without full consent, which many activists blame for the 50% decline in the Israeli Ethiopian community's birthrate.
Thousands of Ethiopians were airlifted to Israel in 1984 and 1991 to escape civil war, but Aynaw's grandparents moved there in 2000. She went to live with them in March 2003 at age 12 following the death of her mother, who had become suddenly ill (her father passed away when she was a year old, but she doesn't know of what causes).
When she got to Israel, Aynaw didn't speak a word of Hebrew, but she became fluent in it at her Jewish boarding school in Haifa. In an excellent recent profile of the beauty queen, Tablet describes her Hebrew now as "accentless and expressive." Though pageant contestants typically compete using Hebrew names, Aynaw chose not to. "Yitayish" translates to "look," or "looking toward the future," Aynaw told Tablet — in Amharic.

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