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Biography of Hopa THANDO

South Africa > Fashion : Hopa THANDO

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Biography :

"Im a black girl who lives in the skin of a white person and that alone should embody what a human being as a whole should represent "

Thando Hopa, is a South African lawyer and part-time fashion model . she is an albino, tries on an evening dress by South African fashion designer Gert-Johan Coetzee (during a mock-up fitting session at his workshop on June 13, 2015 in Johannesburg. Thando Hopa grew up in the shade, her porcelain skin hidden under long sleeves and sunscreen until the day this South African said goodbye to her complexes and decided to fight prejudice against albinos by becoming a model. Petite and born with a genetic anomaly that left her skin de-pigmented from head to toe, Hopa entered the fashion world without the usual vital statistics required of a catwalk model. But ghostly, no make-up barring a vivid fuchsia on her lips, her hair sculpted to a magnificent bleached height, she exploded onto the cover of the first Forbes Life Africa back in 2013.

The daughter of a filmmaker mother and an engineer father, she was always told by her parents that she was “the most beautiful little girl,” she told DailyNation.Hopa has another sibling also born with albinism.
Reports of albinos being murdered and their organs trafficked are not uncommon in some parts of Africa, but extremely rare in South Africa, Hopa said. It’s a different story in rural areas of Tanzania, where education about the genetic condition is low.
The albino population is extremely high in Tanzania compared to the global population, and albinos there are increasingly the victims of brutal attacks. In Western countries, the incidence of albinism is one in 20,000 people. In East African countries such as Tanzania, it’s closer to one in 1,400 people, AFKInsider reported.
Attacks against albinos have spiked this year in East Africa, especially in Malawi and Tanzania, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights said in May, WashingtonPost reports.
“As a result, many people with albinism are living in abject fear,” he said in a statement cited by the Associated Press. “Some no longer dare to go outside, and children with albinism have stopped attending school.”

Last update : 10/30/2015

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