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Biography of Kouly PYABéLO CHAOLD

Togo > Literature : Kouly PYABéLO CHAOLD

Biography :

Chaold Kouly (Born in 1943 -Died in 1990), was a Togolese writer.

Pyabélo Chaold Kouly comes from Togo. She was born in 1943 in Pagouda. She attended the "collège moderne" in Sokodé in Togo and in 1961 she was granted a scholarship to study as a laboratory assistant in Germany. After training there for six years, she was assigned to a German hospital where she started her professional career. It was here that she met the gynaecologist Chaold Agossou, whom she married in 1969. She has two children, Mawussi and Afi. Pyabélo Chaold Kouly passed away in the mid 1990s.


Souvenirs de douze années passées en République Fédérale d'Allemagne [Memories of twelve years spent in the German Federal Republic], 1975, republished in1978.

Brief von einer Togolesin an ihre Bekannten und Freunde in Deutschland. [A Letter from a Togolese Woman and her Acquaintances and Friends in Germany].

Le Caneton égaré [The Scared Duckling]. Lomé: Les Nouvelles Editions Africaines.

Enfants à la ferme de Lama-Tessi [Children at Lama-Tessi's Farm].

Fala, le redoutable [The Fearsome Fala]. Lomé: Les Nouvelles Editions Africaines.

Le Missionnaire de Pessaré Kouloum [The Missionary from Pessaré Kouloum]. Lomé: Les Nouvelles Editions Africaines, 1979.

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