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Biography of Anna MOKGOKONG

South Africa > Professionals : Anna MOKGOKONG

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Biography :

Anna Mokgokong  (b. May 1957), she is currently the Executive Chairperson of Malesela Investment Holdings, a black-empowerment investment group with interests in health care, financial services, energy and telecommunications.

Dr. Mokgokong also serves on the Boards of Novartis SA (Pty) Ltd. (Pharmaceuticals), and Fasic Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd. / Fasic Limited with significant holdings in Lion Match and Kimberly Clark.

Married and two children.

Voted as one of the leading women entrepreneurs in the world in 1998 by the Star Group in the US,she is  the one of only five women in South Africa to have received this prestigious award. Dr Mokgokong is today one of the most confident female entrepreneurs in South Africa. Anna started from very humble beginnings, and has overcome significant obstacles to build a diversified investment holdings business worth R1 billion.

Anna was born in Soweto, and from a tender age in primary school, traded sandwiches for cash. She went on to complete her Bsc from the University of Botswana before going to Medunsa to complete her MBChB. It was during this time that Anna’s real entrepreneurial flair came into being. In 1981, whilst studying medicine, Anna started a business selling handbags and belts to her fellow students and residents at Medunsa. Through a contact in Swaziland, she was given R40 000 worth of stock. The business became a huge success and diversified to include African clothing and curios. The lecturers at medical school did not like the fact that Anna was running a lucrative business whilst studying and tried to persuade her drop her business interest and focus on her studies even though she was one of the top performing students at Medunsa. Undeterred Anna continued with her business and by the time she completed her medical degree was able to sell her business for R150 000.

Anna used this capital to establish the Hebron Medical Centre in the Northwest. Overcoming significant obstacles, she built the centre from a zero-base into a primary healthcare and baby welfare clinic with over 40 000 patients.

With the advent of the new democracy in South Africa, Anna realised that there were real opportunities in the healthcare arena and she established Malesa Investment Holdings which later became Community Investment Holdings, a 100% black owned investment holding company with investments within the key areas of health, technology and logistics.

As an entrepreneur, Anna is passionate about ensuring that previously disadvantaged South Africans have the opportunity to participate in the broader economy. She believes that while CI Holdings strives to maximise shareholder value, it is companies who promote the wider interests of their stakeholders and of society that have the strongest chance of long-term success.

Four of CI Holdings’ largest subsidiaries have a joint turnover of over R1, 3 billion and this figure is increasing given their development under the CI Holdings umbrella. This development is currently driving participation in other sectors that will extend the focus of CI Holdings over time. The group operates predominantly in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

 Quotations :

“I have achieved success. I started from humble beginnings, but the life I lead is quite skewed towards work. I work long hours, sometimes seven days a week”

"Black businesswomen should not be blinded to what will be best for them in the long run by flattery and seemingly fabulous inducements, "

"Unless you 're assertive and can stand your ground, believe me you'll find yourself waking up in the Bahamas the next day."

Last update : 07/02/2008

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