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Biography of Oscar PISTORIUS

South Africa > Sport : Oscar PISTORIUS

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Born on 22/11/1986 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

February 14, 2013, Oscar Pistorius has been arrested and charged with the murder of his Model girlfriend. Her name was Reeva Steenkamp .
Local media initially reported that O. Pistorius mistook Reeva Steenkamp for an intruder inside his Pretoria home.

AS OSCAR PISTORIUS appeared in court in South Africa February 15 charged with the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, the sudden and shocking fall of the 'Blade Runner', one of the world's most inspirational athletes, dominates the press.

 Tuesday Febraury 19, in front of court, Pistorius details night of girlfriend's death.

It was the middle of the night, Oscar Pistorius says, and he thought an intruder was in the house. Not wearing his prosthetic legs, feeling vulnerable in the pitch dark and too scared to turn on the lights, the track star pulled his 9mm pistol from beneath his bed, moved toward the bathroom and fired into the door.
It was only after he called to girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp -- whom he thought had been in bed beside him after a quiet evening -- that he realized something horrible might have happened, he told Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair in a statement read by his lawyer during his bond hearing Tuesday. Prosecutors dispute the version of events that Pistorius detailed in his statement.
Pistorius says he broke down the locked bathroom door -- at one point in the statement saying he kicked the door in, at another saying he used a cricket bat to break it down -- then scooped up the mortally wounded Steenkamp and carried her downstairs after for help.
"I tried to render the assistance to Reeva that I could, but she died in my arms," he said in the statement. "I am absolutely mortified by the events and the devastating loss of my beloved Reeva."

 While prosecutors and defense lawyers agree Pistorius shot Steenkamp, the track star denied intentionally killing her, in the statement read Tuesday.
Prosecutors say they believe Pistorius put on his prosthetic legs, picked up his gun and walked to the bathroom where Steenkamp, 29, had locked herself -- apparently after a heated argument -- and shot at her four times.
Three of the bullets struck Steenkamp, who died soon after. Her funeral was Tuesday February 19.

February 22, Oscar Pistorius was granted bai  and will return to court in June 2013.























Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius (b.November 22,1986) is a South African paralympic runner whose lower legs were amputated at age 1. He is the double amputee world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metres events and runs with the aid of Cheetah Flex-Foot carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs. Initially, the IAAF banned him from participating, however in May 2008 the CAS overturned the earlier ruling allowing him to compete at the Beijing Olympics 2008.

August 28, 2011 in Daegu , South korea, the Double-amputee sprinter qualified for the semifinals of the 400 meters  finishing third in the final heat at Daegu Stadium. Pistorius was running against able-bodies athletes at a major championships for the first time. The South African, who had his legs amputated when he was a baby, runs on carbon-fiber blades. August 29, 2011 He ran in the semifinals against able-bodied athletes Monday at Daegu Stadium, but he finished dead last in 46.19 seconds — 0.80 slower than his qualifying time a day earlier.
I would have liked to perform better tonight,” said Pistorius, who received a huge cheer when he was introduced ahead of the race. “My goal was to make the semifinal and I did it. ... Even if I would have ran faster tonight, I wouldn’t have made the final."

We salute Oscar Pistorius on his historic achievement. As both an athlete and role model, he has continually inspired us by personifying how to live life without limitations,” said Jon Sigurdsson, Össur president and CEO.

An inspirational figure, Oscar's bid to compete against able-bodied athletes at the Beijing Olympics has enthralled South Africans and garnered much international attention. His overwhelming determination, competitive spirit and ability to overcome challenges have turned the perception upside down that living with prosthetic legs is an impediment.

Oscar Pistorius was born on November 22, 1986 in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa.  He was born without a fibula in both of his legs, thus having both of his legs amputated below the knees.
This certainly did not hinder Pistorius, as growing up he participated in several sports - rugby, water polo and tennis. After a rugby knee injury sidelined him, he was introduced to running as part of his rehab and has been running ever since.His mother Sheila died when died following an allergic reaction to hospital treatment to suspected malaria: Oscar was 15.

Pistorius is known as the “Blade Runner” and competed in the 2004 Summer Paralympics in Athens. He received a bronze medal in the 100 m and gold in the 200 m. He would go on to win several gold medals in different Paralympic events.

His prosthetics have come under fire, and he uses J-shaped carbon fiber prosthetics that look like blades. They are otherwise known as the “Cheetah Flex-Foot” and many have claimed that the blades are longer than deemed necessary, thus allowing Pistorius to cover more ground. Studies were done on the blades and a German professor told a newspaper that Pistorius has “considerable advantages” over athletes who do not have prosthetic limbs. It was because of this study that the IAAF banned him from competition under their rules, including the 2008 Summer Olympics. He appealed the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). They subsequently reversed the IAAF ban and Pistorius qualified  for the Beijing Olympics. However in order to do so, he needed to qualify and, unfortunately for him, lost his qualification attempt by 70 hundredths of a second. The lengthy legal arguments over his right or not to participate no doubt weighed upon his moral.

However this did not stop him from achieving three gold medals in the Para Olympics at Beijung, where he won the 100, 200 and 400 meter races. As a result he has set his hopes on the world championships in Berlin in 2009.

When Oscar was just 17 months old, she wrote him a poignant letter, which said: "Feet cannot earn a good salary or give us a compassionate and loving heart.


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