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Biography of Malek CHEBEL

Algeria > Science : Malek CHEBEL

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Biography :

Malek Chebel ( 1953) ,is a French- Algerian  anthropologist, psychoanalyst.

Born in 1953 in Skikda, Algeria, Chebel completed his primary and secondary studies in
Arabic, later obtaining his bachelors degree in philosophy and literature in 1977 at the Université Aïn El-Bey de Constantine.  In 1980, he earned his first PhD in clinical
psychopathology and psychoanalysis at Paris VII, Centre Censier.  In 1982, Chebel received his Phd in political science at the IEP de Paris.  In 1995, he took up the position of  director of research at the Sorbonne.
Chebel has taught in universities in France, Morocco, Tunisia, the United States, and Belgium , and has written extensively on Islam.  In various interviews with the press, Chebel has taken strong positions on modern Islam, proposing that problems among people must be solved by those people themselves rather than by God.  

indefatigable archaeologist of the world of the Arabian and Islamic imagination, he has published major works on the real and imaginary Arabic world of Islam: ‘Le corps dans la tradition au Maghreb’, ‘La Formation de l’identité politique’, ‘L’Esprit de sérail’, ‘La Féminisation du monde’, ‘L’Encyclopédie de l’amour en Islam’, ‘Dictionnaire des symboles musulmans’, ‘Traité du raffinement’, Payot, 1999, etc.

He is an advocate of plain language and his preference is for highly meticulous analyses and rational arguments. He endeavours to gain a better knowledge of the basic writings of Islamic culture by studying them academically

He is married with three children. 

Last update : 03/13/2008

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