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Biography of Youssef RZOUGA

Tunisia > Literature : Youssef RZOUGA

Youssef RZOUGA
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Biography :

Youssef Rzouga ( b. March 21 , 1957 ), is a Tunisian Poet.

Youssef Rzouga was born on March 21, 1957 in Ksour Essef, Tunisia and he is considered as one of the most representative figures of the contemporary Tunisian poetry. National and Arab critics seem to be unanimous about the fact that he is a unique and original poetic voice.

In addition to his ten poetic books- among which we can cite : The program of the Rose, The Wolf in the Word, The Butterfly and the Dynamite, and Yogana- Rzouga wrote a novel The Archipelago (Tunis 1986) and a tale for children : And the Orange Flied Away.

In 2003, the first volume of his Collected Poetic Works was published and it has met with great critical acclaim and confirmed his position as the most prolific and brilliant poet in North Africa.

Youssef Rzouga has won many awards and a number of his poems were translated into many languages such as French, English, Spanish, Russian, etc.

Other activities and honour
1981 : Award of the ministry of Culture for his poetic book I"m distinguished from you by my grievances
1986 : Award of the ministry of Culture for his poetic book The program of the rose.
1999 : Award of the ministry of Culture for his poetic book The Wolf in the Word.
2005 : National merit award in the cultural field.
2004 : Gold medal of Literature and Arts / Jordan.
2005 : Shield of Diwan Al Arab / Egypt.
2002 : Youssef Rzouga Award of Poetry (A yearly Poetic Prize started in 2002, awarded to the best young poet within the framework of The Meeting of Greater on literary creation).
2003 : Chebbi Prize for his poetic book : Flowers of Dioxyde of History.
2003 : The Pen of the Poet Youssef Rzouga (A yearly Poetic Prize started in july 2003 in Sidi Alouan).
2004 : Prize of the gouvernorat of Mahdia for his poetic book : Emergency Case Declaration.
2004 : King Abdallah II’s creativity Prize / Jordan.
He was invited to many international literary festivals and conferences : Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Russia, Yougoslavia, Italy, France…
President of the club Mercredi littéraire in Tunis since 1988.
Member of the Union of Arab Writers
Member of the Tuisian Association of Journalists

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