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Biography of Kelvin Richard KEMM

South Africa > Science : Kelvin Richard KEMM

Kelvin Richard  KEMM
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Born on 13/03/1950 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

Dr Kelvin Richard Kemm (b. March 13, 1950), is a South African  Business Strategy Consultant and runs his own company, which networks many varied facets of society in the interests of economic development.

He studied at Natal University where he gained degrees in mathematics and nuclear physics. On completing a PhD at the age of 26, he started work as a research and development scientist at the Atomic Energy Corporation. After leaving the AEC, he moved into the management of technology and became involved in a wide variety of projects in many industrial sectors, giving him wide exposure to South Africa's technological and industrial base.

Kelvin Kemm also became involved in the development of training programmes, and he regularly lectures at a variety of institutions ranging from schools to the Defence College. He is also a part-time lecturer in the Management of Technology at the UNISA School of Business Leadership.

Dr Kemm believes that a healthy economy needs a wide appreciation of the role of technology. As a result of this belief, he became interested in the public awareness of technology and has written over 1000 popular interest articles in journals, magazines and newspapers, internationally.

He has also appeared in radio and TV programmes in South Africa and overseas and is a regular speaker at public events. Dr Kemm has been involved in many video and film productions in the role of creator, designer, scriptwriter and presenter. TV series that he created include: Curiosity Feeds the Cat; Halley's Comet; The Environment and Packaging; and Impact.

Dr Kemm founded the environment and technology lobby group Green and Gold Forum. The Forum's objective is to bring a scientifically accurate and balanced view of environmental issues to the public, and senior national decision-makers.

In 1994 Dr Kemm was appointed to the International Board of Advisors of the Washington DC-based environment and technology lobby group; The Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow. This organisation has a daily radio slot on more than 250 radio stations across the US.

In October 1996, Dr Kemm was honored by being the first person from Africa to be appointed to the European Science and Environment  Forum (ESEF).

Dr Kemm is the 2003 winner of the NSTF (National Science and Technology Forum) Award. He has been honoured with the NSTF Award for sustained outstanding contributions to Science and Technology.


Dr Kelvin Kemm talks in an engaging and entertaining manner on a wide range of topics bringing together technology, business, strategy and science, in a way tat makes it understandable to the audience. Two titles amongst his many and varied topics include:
Star Wars, Folk Dancing and Trumpets
Environmentalism in a Global Context




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