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Biography of Kludze DR AVE

Ghana > Science : Kludze DR AVE

Kludze DR AVE
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Biography :

Dr Ave Kludze (b. in 1966), is a Ghanaian American astronautical engineer and strategist for NASA.Growing up in Accra, Kludze was fascinated by science and how things worked.

He was not able to fulfill his childhood dream of being a pilot, but Ghanaian scientist Dr. Ave Kludze has arguably gone one better: developing and flying spacecrafts for NASA. The moon, Mars and beyond:

When he realized he could not become a pilot because of his eyesight he channeled his energies into studying engineering, moving to the U.S. to complete a course in electrical engineering at Rutgers University. On graduating Kludze initially planned to return to Ghana to develop solar technologies, but then NASA came calling in 1995.

"I never did dream of working for NASA. I admired what they did, but it never did cross my mind. I did not see how a kid like me could work for NASA," he said.

 "When I grew up, my scientific role models were not Africans.
I admired people like Albert Einstein. I was amazed that he could be on our planet and yet he could tell us about different planets.But today I know many successful African scientists"

Kludze is also keen to pass on the message that for young Africans, the sky is the limit in terms of what they do with their lives.

"I've learned that being given the freedom to think and think openly helps bring in new ideas. So in community, like in an African communities, I think younger generations and both the old and the young should freely share ideas and break those old barriers."

"So I believe that with some determination and some hard work most of the younger generation can get whatever they want to. They can even go into space, they can do anything."


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