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Biography of Haidar EL ALI

Senegal > Science : Haidar EL ALI

Haidar EL ALI
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Biography :

Haidar El Ali was born in 1953 in Senegal and is the President of the Océanium, which is an association for the protection of the environment. He is reputed by 'Le Monde,' newspaper, to be one of the most active ecologists in the world.

"When men become conscience that they are eco-predatators, they will have become eco-survivers."

Sénégalais of Lebanese origin, he is engaged in the political combat in Africa. President of the Federation of the Ecological and Green party of West Africa. Haïdar is well known for the actions he has taken, such as the creation of protection marine zones, managed for and by the local populations, such as that of Bamboung, in the Saloum delta, which has been running since 2004, atogether with Pointe Saint-Georges, or Casamance and Cape Manuel.

Haïdar El-Ali grew up in Medina in the popular quarter of Dakar. H ehas never forgotten the day, when he got lost in the high hills of the Peninsula of Cap Vert and found himself face to face witb the Ocean.

He found himself face to face with the Ocean several years later, when he found the courage to dive into the Ocean. "From the first time I stuck my head under the water, I don't think that I have ever taken it out." 

In 1984, after being trained as a professional diver in  France, he has become the director of the Océanium, originally just a school of diivng, he discovered the terrible things that were being done to the marine environment such as fishing with explosives.

His efforts have continued since and his circle of action has widened and he has made efforts to awaken people to over-fishing, the protection of forests and the protection of protected species such as the cymbium, which is a shell-fish often used in the Senegalese cuisine.

Haidar encourages fishermen and others to respect the sea and live in the adequation and rational exploitation of natural ressources. 



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