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Biography of Peter BOSSMAN

Ghana > Politics : Peter BOSSMAN

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Born on 02/11/1955 (format : day/month/year)

Biography :

Peter Bossman  born November 2, 1955 in Ghana ,   ( doctor by training) was elected first black mayor of Piran, a city and municipality on the Gulf of Piran in south-western Slovenia. Dr Bossman is a member of the ruling Social Democrat party.

He won the election in the second run off in Piran after winning slightly over half the votes. He has become the first black mayor in Eastern Europe.

He was critiscised during the campaign for not speaking fluent Slovene but said he had not suffered racial discrimination. He said: 
"In the first months after coming to Slovenia I felt that some people did not want to be with us (African immigrants). But for the last 10 or 15 years ... I have no problems at all and I think people no longer see the colour of my skin," he said.

Dr Bossman settled in Slovenia, then still part of Yugoslavia, in the '70s after arriving in the country to study medicine.

He decided to stay after marrying a fellow student from Croatia and they live in the suburb of Lucija which is located within the town of Piran. He has been a resident with his wife for 20 years, but was born and raised in Ghana.

He joins a small population of 200 Africans that reside in the entire country of 2 million. With a vision of a Slovenian society that uses technology, Bossman used his desire to upgrade the citizens to electric cars and land expansion for commercial use as a platform to persuade people to vote for him. While he moved into politics,

Bossman’s first profession was medicine; he is a licensed medical doctor and general practitioner. During his campaign, he would write his recommendations for the community on a prescription pad and place them on Facebook. Bossman won over the 17,000 residents of Piran, receiving 51.4 percent of the vote. The headlines read “Peter Bossman for President (well, first as Mayor).”

Bossman was born in Nyive, which is near Ho in the Volta Region, previously part of the Gold Coast in the British Empire until 1957. His father was a friend and personal physician of Kwame Nkrumah - Ghana's first president when it became independant.

He was forced to leave Ghana in 1966 when Nkrumah was deposed by the army whilst he was on a trip abroad and then Bossman was forced to exile along with his family and moved to Belgrade where he trained to become a doctor.

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